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Three Methods of Reporting
  1. Pipeline CSI Reporting Hotline – Give us a call.
  2. Email Geotagged Photos and Descriptions – Send us an email.
  3. Use the online Pipeline Incident Report Form
(1) Call the CSI Reporting Hotline:   877-462-2272 (877-Go2ABRA)
  • Leave us a message describing your observation.
  • Please provide your full name and phone number (this will not be shared).
  • Provide the location of your observation (coordinates are best).
(2) Send an Email to CSI Central:
  • Take photos in the field with you phone or digital camera (be sure GPS or GeoLocation is turned on).
  • Take notes associated with each photo.
  • Email the photos and a typed description of your observations to CSI Central.
(3) Pipeline Incident Report Form

Click here to use the online Pipeline Incident Report Form to report, and submit photographs of, water pollution and apparent noncompliance with environmental requirements.

See Guidance for Citizen Observers for a general summary of stream impacts, noncompliance issues, or failures of control measures that may be evident to citizen observers.