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Four Methods of Reporting
  1. Pipeline CSI Reporting Hotline – Give us a call.
  2. Email Geotagged Photos and Descriptions – Send us an email.
  3. Use the Avenza Maps app to send photos and descriptions from your phone.
  4. Participate in the TU-WV Rivers Volunteer Pipeline Visual Assessment Program.
(1) Call the CSI Reporting Hotline:   877-462-2272
  • Leave us a message describing your observation.
  • Please provide your full name and phone number (this will not be shared).
  • Provide the location of your observation (coordinates are best).
(2) Send an Email to CSI Central:
  • Take photos in the field with you phone or digital camera (be sure GPS or GeoLocation is turned on).
  • Take notes associated with each photo.
  • Email the photos and a typed description of your observations to CSI Central.
(3) Use the Avenza Maps App to Send Photos and Descriptions to CSI Central
  • The Avenza Maps app serves as both a navigation tool and a reporting tool.
  • ACP project maps (14 route segments) can be used for navigation even when cell or internet service is unavailable.
  • Photos and notes taken in the field can be located as points on a map for submission to CSI Central when service is available or later becomes available.
  • See  Directions for Use of Avenza Maps for the Pipeline CSI 
(4) The WV/VA Volunteer Pipeline Visual Assessment Program
  • Developed by Trout Unlimited and West Virginia Rivers Coalition.
  • The Pipeline CSI will assist with response to reported pollution incidents
  • Webinar training sessions will be conducted.
  • For info, see Volunteer Pipeline Visual Assessment Program. Also, see Events Schedule (right-hand sidebar).