Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline Page
Project information, updates, schedule, and promotion provided by Dominion.

Dominion’s FERC Filings and Information Page
ocuments submitted by Dominion to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and related FERC notices.

Dominion  submitted its Certificate Application and 12 environmental resource reports to FERC on September 18, 2015. These reports include information concerning environmental, cultural and socioeconomic conditions and potential impacts resulting from construction and operation of the proposed pipeline. Information provided in the reports and supplemental submissions will be considered by FERC in preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed ACP project. The Filings and Information Page provides access to applications, resource reports, FERC information requests and Dominion responses, and FERC notices.


FERC is the regulatory agency responsible for review and approval of interstate natural gas transmission projects. FERC provides online access to project-related documents, submissions and comments, notices, etc.  The docket number for the ACP project is CP15-554.

ACP Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Published by FERC, 123016

FERC’s Docket Search Page
Provides access to documents based on docket number and date range.

FERC’s General Search Page
Provides access to documents based on docket number, date range, and text searches.

Comments can be submitted to FERC by going to FERC Online and selecting eComment or eRegister. The eComment option is limited to text-only submission less than 6,000 characters in length. The eRegister option allows attachments and provides an option to subscribe to receive notices of all docket postings.


Atlantic Coast Pipeline and George Washington and Monongahela National Forests
Project website.

The USDA Forest Service website includes general project information related to the proposed ACP project in the National Forests, including background, related Forest Service laws and guidance, Forest Service filings and review documents, and review process schedule.

Comments submitted to FERC on environmental issues related to preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement and proposed amendments to National Forest Land and Resource Management Plans.

Comments were first due in April 2015 and then in June 2016, following a revision in the proposed ACP route.

April 2015 Scoping Period Comments
Assembled comments submitted by environmental law firms, government natural resource management and regulatory agencies, local governments, and conservation organizations.

June 2016 Scoping Period Comments
A large number of substantive comments were submitted to FERC during the supplemental scoping period for the ACP.  A selection of these were summarized in the June 9th RECORDER.

RECORDER articles:
Groups Send Feds Litany of Concerns
Pipeline Route: Prescription for Disaster

Comments cited in the RECORDER articles: 
Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition
Va. Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries
The Wilderness Society
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
The Nature Conservancy
Southern Environmental Law Center
Friends of Shenandoah Mountain
Virginia Native Plant Society
Highland County Cave Survey

Selected Comments on Proposed GWNF-6 Route: 
DPMC Comments to National Forest, 032116
DPMC Comments on Geohazards, 032116
SELC Comments to National Forest, 032116
CRPA Comments to National Forest, 032116
SELC Comments to FERC, 041216
FOCV Comments to FERC, 041216
PATC-SSVC Comments to FERC, 041216